1. Is organic food really worth it? We find out!

    OK, so images can get quite complicated as we have a few variables to work with! For example the image below has had a caption entered in the WordPress image upload dialog box, this creates a shortcode which then in turn wraps the whole thing in a div with inline styling! Maybe one day they’ll […]

  2. Five interesting facts you might not know about avacados

    Are you loving your #AvoLife? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or two, you will know that avocados are the fruit of choice for… Well, just about everybody, actually. Yes, what was once the best-kept foodie secret, is now out of the shopping bag and onto your plate. But, do […]

  3. 5 surprising benefits of eating apples plus a unique soup recipe

    On Sunday 14th October 2018, the plant pushers will be joining the Sheffield Organic Growers team as part of Apple Day. The event will include stunning orchard tours, apple tasting, and even a chance to make your own apple juice. Of course, Shed will be there offering a nutritious light lunch for attendees. To celebrate […]