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Food Waste Set to Rise by a Third by 2030 – Check Out The Remarkable Apps Battling The Problem

Worried about food waste? Perhaps you should be. A shocking 66 tonnes of food is thrown away every single second, according to a report from The Guardian. The article went on to state that the waste problem is set to rise by a third by the year 2030. Needless to say, we each have a responsibility to take steps in combating this issue sooner rather than later. 

While being more conscientious about what we throw away is a part of the solution, technology may also play a role here. Smartphone apps could help connect people and lower their overall wastage in a smart, community-minded manner. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the remarkable modern-day apps that are battling the UK food waste problem. 


With the fitting message—’Share more. Waste less.’—the OLIO app has a clear purpose. The platform connects people in local areas so that they can share food items (and other products!) that would otherwise end up directly in the bin. Setting up an account takes minutes and you can start advertising any items you want immediately. 

For example, if you’ve got a fridge drawer that’s packed full of fruit and vegetables, which are about to go bad, this is the app for you. Simply list your items on the app and wait for people to get in touch with you using the system. When they do so, you can message them back to arrange a convenient pickup time for both of you. The system is free to use and super simple, which means that fighting food waste in your community is a cinch. 

Download the app here

Too Good To Go

But, wait just a moment, what about food waste from restaurants and eateries? That’s where the Too Good To Go app comes into the equation. The app partners with businesses around the UK to tackle food waste in the hospitality industry. Whenever a food vendor has an excess of products, which would otherwise get thrown away, they can put portions up on the app. Customers then have to pay a small fee (usually a third of the RRP) to save the food. 

For customers, that means that you can get a ‘magic bag’ of food for a low price. All you have to do is set up a profile on the app and start looking for food to save in your area. When you have paid via the app, you will have to collect your food between a specific time period. While you may not have control over the items you get, this app is a smart way to save yourself some money while also helping to stop food waste in your region. 

Download the app here


Another handy app that’s helping to fight food waste is Foodcloud. This platform can be used by supermarkets and businesses that have a surplus of food. Rather than throwing the food items away, these companies can partner with charities and nonprofits in the area and make food donations to them. Thee items will go to good causes, such as feeding the homeless. 

What’s more, the app is straightforward to use. Business owners can set up a profile and start finding organisations in their area right away. When they have done so, they can request to make a donation to a certain group. As soon as the donation is accepted, the two parties decide on a time and location for the donation. Nothing could be easier. 

Download the app here


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