Say Hello… to the brand new Shed Vending Experience

Fast food, redefined. 


One-third of British adults say that a heavy workload and busy life prevent them from eating well, according to BNF research. What’s more, 24% of also state that there are limited healthy options available either at their workplace or nearby. Simply put, our hectic schedules are destroying our everyday nutrition and our health.

It’s hardly rocket science. When you’re busy and stressed out, you need to give your body healthful food to keep going. However, it’s at these times when it can feel harder than ever to eat well. Most of us opt for something quick, easy, convenient and… unhealthy. 

With that in mind, the Shed team is ready to redefine ‘fast food’ making it healthier than ever. We have launched our high-tech vending solutions at prime locations across Sheffield, offering you a feel good, healthy food fix when you need it most.

Shed Sheffield Healthy Vending Team Ponds Forge

Shed Sheffield Healthy Vending Team Ponds Forge

“Eating well is crucially important in the modern world, but somehow it’s never felt harder to get a good meal on-the-go,” said Gian Bohan, Co-Founder of Shed. “We want to solve that problem by making it easier for people to get the food their body needs when they are out and about. After all, it’s when we’re at our busiest and most stressed that we’re likely to rely on unhealthy, fast food options.”

Each pop-up provide people with a speedy way to get tasty, nutrition-rich food eats. Taking a plant-focussed approach, the Shed products are packed with the nourishment people need to fuel their day. The health-centric offering boasts bowls, wraps, side dishes, and even desserts. Highlights include chilli hummus, the Tex Mex Mess bowl and the Soul Bowl. 

“Our smart machines vending machines could be real game changers. They’re high-tech and refrigerated, which means that we can stock them with handmade fresh food, allowing people to get wholesome goodness on-the-go,” said Carl Sooki, Head Chef and Co-Founder at Shed. “It brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘fast food’. It’s an exciting time and we can’t wait to see where the journey takes us.” 

Our first machines are located in prime positions around Sheffield including Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Westfield Health and more. These pop-ups will soon be joined by other smart vending solutions, including spots at local hospitals. If all goes well, the team plan to take things further and have their sights set on ‘popping up’ all over the country. Watch this space.

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