Shed Plant-Based Restaurant at Cutlery Works Launches New Spring Menu

Shed plant-based restaurant cutlery works, Sheffield new menu

When you’re looking for healthy places to eat, Sheffield has a wide range of options. We’re lucky in this city! The Shed plant-based restaurant at Cutlery Works is certainly in good company. Plus, our team of plant pushers is always looking for ways to up their game and offer more. We’ve just launched a brand new menu packed full of exciting new options. Here’s what you need to know.

Brunch and breakfast dishes

Shed plant-based restaurant cutlery works, Sheffield - Loaded toast

Brunch, ‘Punchy Pesto’ Loaded Toast

Looking for healthy vegan places to eat in Kelham Island? The Shed plant-based restaurant at Cutlery Works has got you completely covered! Yes, we’ve got a wide selection of vegan breakfast and vegan brunch options for you. Here’s a couple of our newest 100% plant-based dishes.

Mushroom Munchies

What better way to start the morning than with a nutrition-packed dish of mushrooms on toast? Of course, at Shed, we’ve taken this plant-based staple to a whole new level. Our loaded toast includes black beans, flat mushrooms, tomato salsa and cashew sour cream.

Posh Porridge

Our Posh Porridge has to be the most Insta-worthy menu item yet. Packed with beetroot, cinnamon, almond milk and oats, the porridge is certain to be a crowd-pleaser. What’s more, it’s completely and utterly pink, which means that you won’t be able to tear your eyes away.

Brand new plant-based dishes

Shed plant-based restaurant cutlery works, Sheffield - Jackfruit Tacos

Mains, ‘Tangy Jackfruit Tacos’

But wait just a minute, what about the main event? If you’re joining us for dinner, we’re still serving our delicious plant-based bowls! Come to the Shed plant-based restaurant at Cutlery Works and build-your-own bowl in minutes. We’ve also got a few new mains too, including:

Tangy Jackfruit Tacos

With rich smoky caramelised jackfruit and limey purple broccoli, you can’t go wrong with our Tangy Jackfruit Tacos. This new addition to the Shed main menu has gone down an absolute storm down at Cutlery Works. (Served from 5pm onwards.)

Feelin’ Freekeh

Have you heard about this one yet? Sweet potato and aubergine African peanut stew served on smoky freekeh, i.e. cracked green wheat. If you’re looking for a dish to warm you up and entice you, you’ve got to try this one for yourself. Delicious!

Nibbles and small plates

Shed plant-based restaurant cutlery works, Sheffield - Starters & small plates

Selection of Starters & Small Plates

With the launch of our new menu, we are also adding to our smaller plates. Order a few as bar snacks or have one as a starter on its own. Here are some of the highlights that you should know about.

Plant Lovers’ Pate

Made from mushroom and walnut, it’s hard to resist the temptingly earthy flavour of our Plant Lovers’ Pate. This healthy vegan alternative to pate is sure to win you over. As though that weren’t enough to have you cheering, it’s also served with Shed’s signature chutney.

Sticky Cauli Bites

Do you fancy something a little sticky? Served after 5pm at the Shed plant-based restaurant at Cutlery Works, the Sticky Cauli Bites are a celebration of flavour. Coated in delicious Moroccan-style spices and served with garlic aioli, there’s so much to love here.

Satisfying Satay Skewers

There’s nothing quite like the enticing taste of satay! Our Satisfying Satay Skewers are made from eryngii mushrooms, which have a wholesome, delicious taste. These beauties come with a sesame, carrot, and coriander salad too. (Available after 5pm.)

Exciting new drink options

Shed plant-based restaurant cutlery works, Sheffield - Smoothies

Smoothies, ‘Apple Pie’ – ‘Mean Green Machine’ – ‘Berry Blast’

If you’ve already visited us in Kelham Island, you’ll know that our drinks offering is quite big. (Okay, we’ll admit it, it’s huge!) From the beginning, we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving the most interesting and healthy drinks possible. Our cold-pressed juices, with vitamins and nutrients, and kombuchas are stars of the show. Plus, we’ve got these great additions.

Mushroom Coffee

Looking for a hot drink that will seriously put a spring in your step? Head down to the Shed plant-based restaurant at Cutlery Works. Brimming with brain-boosting nutrients, mushroom coffee is a completely original drink. We are now selling Four Sigmatic’s blend of chaga and cordyceps mushroom coffee.

Mean Green Machine

With only natural ingredients and a whole load of vitamins, you’re certain to fall head over heels in love with our smoothies. Plus, there’s some good news here. We’ve added to our existing smoothie collection. The energy-boosting Mean Green Machine packs banana, avocado, spirulina, spinach and almond milk.

G&T Total

Whether you’re trying to cut back or completely teetotal, we’ve got the mocktail for you. Our G&T Total is a blast complete with your choice ofSeedlip non-alcoholic gin, Indian tonic, goji berries and ginger. It tastes glorious. Plus, you won’t have a hangover in the morning. Nice.

New Wines

While we already have a selection of organic, vegan wines at the Shed, we’ve added to the selection. The team of plant pushers will now be serving a more extensive range of high-quality, vegan-friendly wines. Pop into the restaurant to see what we’ve got available.

View the full menu here! Want to know more about the Shed plant-based restaurant at Cutlery Works? Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.


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