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We’re redefining the future of fast food with exciting, plant-first wholesome foods. 


When you’re busy, on-the-go, and stressed out, you need to fuel your body. However, these are also the times when eating well is hard. We’re set to tackle that problem. Our pop-up Sheds help better people’s lives through the food that they eat. 

We offer completely stress-free, ‘feel good’ breakfast, lunch and snack options that are always nutrient-rich and packed with flavour. We’re offering the next generation of smart vending solutions, boasting freshly-made nourishing goodness whenever you need it.



Our Values 


We’re pioneering the way when it comes to convenient and healthy food. To do this, we are guided by six core values, by which we stick. 


Plant-First Approach

Plants are at the core of every healthy diet. They are the future of food. We believe in taking a plant-first approach to our food products, ensuring they are bursting with flavour and nutrients.


Vibrant, Enticing and Flavoursome

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. We value vibrancy, enticing ingredients and food products that are brimming with big flavours. Our promise is that our products will always be temptingly good and of the highest quality.


Innovation and Invention

We’re fast food pioneers, pushing the boundaries wherever we go. We believe in driving future trends forward, whether this is through inventive food products or innovations in tech. We’re leading the way in the world of modern fast food.


Making Healthy Convenient

We understand that eating healthily can be hard. We want to make it easier. Through technologically advanced solutions and redefined fast food, we’re pioneering the way. That means that we can offer fresh, high-quality food 24 hours a day within walking distance of your desk.



We believe in honesty and integrity. That means that when it comes to sourcing products, food quality, food freshness etc., we are always 100% transparent. You can count on that.


Enhancing Lives

Health and nutrition go hand-in-hand. We better people’s lives through the food that we eat. We offer nutrition-lead, stress free fast food when people need it the most.